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    Thinking about selling my P4S , advice?

    From your opening post it sounds like you had a crash and needed to replace the shell? that is why people may be a bit skidish about it.
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    Issues with screen transmission feed from controller

    Flew with the CS on this video
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    Crystalsky doubts

    I now have both the 5" and 7" CS, I am very impressed with the display. In the past I have used my Andriod phone (Samsung note edge) Tablets (Lenovo tab 4 10 & Apple Air) the only thing that has made me feel confident while flying are the Epson bt300 glasses. All of my previous devices either...
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    DJI Go download

    disappeared from both devices? but I forgot everything for apple goes to the cloud, so if you delete or lose something on one device it effects the others?
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    P3 Firmware Phantom 3 Pro Firmware Update Error

    Have you tried connecting the bird (USB) to your computer with the SD card in its slot? What firmware are you downloading?
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    Crystalsky Monitor

    Can you be a bit more detail in what is not connecting?
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    P4 debut

    I finally took my P4 out for a full flight in the morning light, I added a 7" crystalsky to boot. The bird did very well, the Crystalsky took the prize as I was able to fly close to the ground like I do with my Epson bt 300's. The screen display is strong (Brightness) and Clear, no breakup in...
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    Phantom 3 pro

    What I have found is once you get the latest geofencing up date your map will return, so you need to connect to wifi and accept the "safe fly" update
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    in over my head....?

    I guess am lucky, my Spark, and Pro fly smooth as glass no issues with gimbal shake. My P3P has a little, but not consistence enough to notice unless you look for it. My P4 is smooth. I would like to tame this P2 just encase I need it again for a shoot where the LAANC systems clears me, but the...
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    in over my head....?

    I have a new set of props on the way, I changed dampers and adjusted the motors. I only have a slight jello effect now
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    Update, I did an update on my Epson bt300's and the lag went away, so now I am able to use these outstanding devices with all of my dji drones
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    Helicopters Flying low

    You cite an event that occurred in 2010, how many rules have been applied over that time period. Part 107 wasn't even establish back then as Part 61 was the standard I believe? Every word I stated was factual, based on todays standards. So if your feelings got a bite hurt, buckle up butter cup...
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    Helicopters Flying low

    I'm sure the airspace rules in other countries may differ than here in the US, so it is hard to give solid advice other than common sense. In the US, Airspace rules date back as far as flight itself, and those rules are not changed just because some newer technology has come out. Many flight...
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    Crystalsky doubts

    I just received my 5.5 CS, the screen is touch pad and it is built with a little bit of toughness, still plastic but not cheap. DJI has the 7" back in stock, but I found one on another site. If you are use to using a phone as your monitor the 5.5 will work great, but if you are like me and use...