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    New to the this forum

    Hi Dirkclod I've chatted with you before on the commercial forum, I'm the guy that flew for Multivista at UC Merced.
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    Go Fly Zone in the Presidio National Park - San Francisco

    Does the geofence keep you out of Zone B. I grew up in Oakland so know the area well but didn't know they allowed drone flights there, great pictures, thanks for posting.
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    Lift off problems

    Since it's new I would guess you have a software glitch, might try checking for updates or do a reinstall of the software. If not I would send it in for repair.
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    New to the this forum

    I normally hang out on the commercial drone forum, but since I have a Phantom 4 pro decided to sign up to get feedback on the phantom. I've been a commercial drone pilot for over three years now. Also have a lot of time on the Inspire 2, and Mavic pro.