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    Spark vs Mavic Mini

    I have had a Spark for a number of years but if today I had a choice between Spark and mini, I would get a mini for battery life alone.
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    Horrible experience with DJI buyer beware

    My experience with Care Refesh was near the same time period. The P4P 2.0 was received on 5/30 and I receive notice that it was shipped back to me on 6/13. Shipping alone was 10 days each way (Virginia to California and back to Virginia. I am not sure if the way I set up the service request...
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    Best tablet for a phantom 4?

    I got frustrated using a Samsung S2 9.7 with the choppy video, etc.. Close to two years I bought an Apple Mini 4 when it was on sale at Best Buy. I am not an Apple fan at all and this was my first Apple product which I reluctantly bought. That said, the Mini 4 works great with my P4P 2.0. I...