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    guanajuato, méxico 4k

    Man, that 4k quality is amazing.
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    Phantom 3 camera is very good...

    Not bad at all. I'm pondering upgrading to the 3.
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    In between the storms

    Wow, didn't think anyone had been there lol.
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    In between the storms

    Went up to a place that no one has heard of I'm sure, Hollister, OK. In between two major storms that produced tornados I put the p2 up and got some cool video of the town. Was fighting 20mph wind gusts here and there.
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    First few shots with P3P

    Ah, ok I know the area.
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    First few shots with P3P

    Houston area I take it?
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    Hands on experience Phantom 3 - 4K plus Inside the hood Pictures

    Man, I love the smooth work on the camera when you pan down, is that because the camera controls are the wheel on top?
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    What flight time are you getting with an FPV setup?

    i'm getting 14-15 minutes till around 20% but my batteries are relatively fresh
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    Phantom 2 will fly above 10837 ft. video.

    Very cool, how'd you do the telemetry data overlay ?
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    Took some RC video today

    Just got my phantom 2 this week and am learning to fly and get video - gotta learn to keep the legs out of the shots though.