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    Nice day for a high altitude flight 700 feet up

    Sidewinder, that's the worst case of speculation and generalization I've heard for a long time....BUT THAT"S FINE! I honestly don't care. I tell people repeatedly not to get their legal opinions off of internet forums. Research is king and in this's being done for them by the courts...
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    How to Shoot Best quality Footages From Gopro?

    It appears that all the 3+ cameras up till a few weeks ago had the close focus problem. Some much worse than others. There's a DIY fix and GoPro has been replacing the cameras without much fanfare. 118 pages of close focus :o ... 11&t=14637
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    Best ways to remove micro jitters & improving footage?

    I use mercalli too but usually shoot in 1080-60. 60 FPS tends to keep the jello to a minimum and using a #8 ND filter to slow the shutter really smooths it out.
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    FAA vs. "Trappy"

    Reading his motion to dismiss brings up some very relevant points. This is going to be an interesting case. ... Pirker.pdf
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    Nice day for a high altitude flight 700 feet up

    We may have new laws. I can't predict that and I happen to agree that the fellow probably shouldn't have done that. But there are 5 pages here of people telling him the same thing time after time and what they're saying isn't based on fact, just hysterics. There seems to be a lot of concern...
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    Nice day for a high altitude flight 700 feet up

    § 91.131 Operations in Class B airspace. (a) Operating rules. That's a regulation, not a statute. Breaking a regulation is only enforceable if you fall under the regulatory aegis such as a licensed pilot. A regulation is a rule an administrative agency makes. There has to be a statute or...
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    Night flight with vision and LED SPOTLIGHTS

    It's a little harder at night with the GP. Normally shooting with Protune on will give you a flatter image that's easier to work with in post....but Protune will show more noise so that has to be dealt with in post also. To be honest, you;re video looks a lot better than I would expect it to...
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    Nice day for a high altitude flight 700 feet up

    And that true wisdom and a fact! ;)
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    New landing gear (Phantom)

    Mine tips too and I think you may have something there. I'll try a one stick landing and see how that does.
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    Nice day for a high altitude flight 700 feet up

    Not that I agree with his flight ...but can you cite the statute he violated? Not a regulation or advisory, but the statute itself.
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    Nice day for a high altitude flight 700 feet up

    You reckon those fellows still live in their mothers basement :lol:
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    Nice day for a high altitude flight 700 feet up

    Best post of the entire thread!
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    best software for gopro editing?

    I start it in Cineform, crop and WB on Cineform, while still open I edit the AVI in After Effects where I denoise and color grade. The AE plugins I use are Neat Video, Synthetic Aperture and Color Ghears. The Changes you make in AE will show in your open video in Cineform. After I export from...
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    Christmas Lights of Boise, Idaho

    Feedback - Absolutely stunning. Getting that kind of low light video out of a 3B is almost magic. Care to share some of your workflow.
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    My Vision dropped from the sky and DJI won't help

    Mine reduces power and altitude....I've only tested it once but that's what it's supposed to do according to what I've read. It gradually dropped as the battery went further, then just sat down peacefully. I didn't time it after the second warning but it was longer than I expected.