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    9455S Low Noise Propeller Props from Banggood - are they OEM?

    Its for sure the props as I had the same mushy unstableness and a wind almost had me upside down. Switched back to old props and I really noticed how good it flew.
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    P4 - strange behavior

    Me myself would recalibrate everything like I just bought it and make sure you wait until it says homepoint updated and I wish you the best of luck. Let us know how that goes and I/m sure a Pro here can advise you if that does not work. Best of Luck and hope you have a great New Year!
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    P4 - strange behavior

    the props need to be on, with no resistance you will get a error message
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    P4 - strange behavior

    I once had a similar problem. Now what I do is wait a few minutes after turning everything on, wait until I hear Homepoint has been updated and wait about 30 seconds and no problems since then. Not sure if that is what helped, but like I said, no problems since I became more patient.
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    DJI Mavic Mini Released!

    The mini would just be hawkbait here and I enjoy flying in the wind, no need for another small drone. A big thumbs down!
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    Amazon Fire 7 or 8 for viewing sd cards from drone???

    I use a Fire for my P4 and it works great!!
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    RTH question / discussion

    If you hear beeping from your remote it is in RTH mode. Just make sure your altitude for RTH is high enough in altitude to avoid obstacles, not a place you want to test your obstacle avoidance :)
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    Phantom 5 ... Yes, this again...

    Way to gimmicky for a business drone. I was hoping for just zoom, great cam, sturdy platform, I like the p4's much better! Keep it simple and come out with a removeable cam on a p4 type body. Keep the landing gear, it helps with balance to stabalize the flight. How about a bright reflective...
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    Phantom 5 ... Yes, this again...