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    no gps or usp or flashing yellow light

    UPDATE I'm back and flying again I finally decided to remove the top and try to find the problem. After poking around for a while much to my surprise I found a loose connector that runs from rear led to the red IMU unite. At first glance it appeared to be plugged...
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    no gps or usp or flashing yellow light

    HI All need help New to group Five days as a owner. Today was my 4th flight and things got out of control I ran into a palm tree . I thought I was lucky no major damage other then bent props and a 10 foot fall. Here is where I am now the GPS is unstable at best. When I power up it makes...
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    Flying down below you

    The times have changed one thing to consider is home land security might take a different view at what you are doing flying up and down the face of a dam. Food for thought.