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    Loss of video in DJI app but clear in HDMI output goggles?

    What if everything is already up to date?
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    Loss of video in DJI app but clear in HDMI output goggles?'s been recalled, but I'm keeping mine. No issues with it. Typical Americans freak out over nothing.Hell if you google iphone explodes, there are far more iphones that have exploded than Samsungs. Samsung just overreacted a bit.
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    Loss of video in DJI app but clear in HDMI output goggles?

    Funny it has worked fine up until now. I'm using a Samsung Note 7, but I have also tried it with the Note 5 and Nexus 6P. The Note7 is the most powerful phone out so it should work fine and did work fine until the 3.0 update.
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    Loss of video in DJI app but clear in HDMI output goggles?

    Lately I've found that I lose the video link very easily (within 200 yards) when looking at the DJI go app. Sometimes it's a horizontal line about 10% the vertical area of the screen that is just pixelled out. Othertimes it's completely pixellated. The odd thing is that in my FatShark Dominator...
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    iOSD Mini HUD color

    Any way to change the iOSD mini's HUD color to red or green? The white gets lost in the background.
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    No video from GoPro?

    I rechecked all of the cables. Didn't see anything loose but after powering back on everything works. The manual with the blackpearl/flysite transmitter/receiver is impossible to translate. I have everything working, but range seems to be limited to about 300 ft or so before things start...
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    No video from GoPro?

    I picked up an FPV setup off of ebay. This one: ... rkt%3D4%26 I installed it tonight and powered it up. I'm getting video from the iOSD and can see all the data onscreen crystal clear, but there is no video feed from my gopro. It's hooked up to the H3-3D...
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    Desending from a great height

    I use manual mode. Just flip it to manual and dive. I can scrub a couple hundred meters of altitude in about 10 seconds. If you aren't comfortable flying in manual mode for the recovery, just flip it back to GPS and it'll stop its dive.
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    Where can you get Phantom 2 props that fit the V1? I ordered a set and 2 fit the other 2, no go...
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    High Resolution, Manual Still Camera for Phantom?

    Why is it everyone with a digital camera seems to think they are a photographer? Seemingly random shots in a "portfolio" do not a photographer make...
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    Local and Federal Laws Great Info

    The simple solution is to ignore the laws. This country (US) has passed far too many laws that are unconstitutional. I choose to ignore those that are in that category so I do a lot of ignoring...
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    Alternative to gopro 3?

    Unfortunately the Gopro is what it's made for. i say unfortunately because the gopro is a pretty crappy camera. It's buggy, prone to overheating and locking up. I had tons of issues with the GoPro Hero 2, for some reason though it would be better with the Hero 3 and nope, it's by far worse with...
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    FAA just called me

    The FAA makes a very solid distinction between private use and commerical use. As a private pilot, I can fly my friend anywhere they want to go anytime I want. However, if they offer to pay me to fly them somewhere, I cannot legally do so unless I have a commercial rating. I can't so much as...