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    Litchi Zipline with manual Altitude?

    So I have a shot coming up tomorrow that requires me to time a descending move with a vehicle after a long straightaway. Straight lines are hard to nail so I want to give litchi control but is there a way to manually control altitude like you can control camera pitch and vehicle rotation on...
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    Can I bind a DJI inspire controller?

    I have an Inspire with 2 remotes and im considering getting something like a tiny whoop. Can i bind my controllers to a non dji drone or do i need another $100+ controller? Sent from my SM-G930V using PhantomPilots mobile app
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    How to do this legally under part 107?

    I have an idea for my dream shot. I am currently studying for my part 107 and scouting for the juiciest air-lines I can find in my city. I live in Chicago and I know there are local ordinances to worry about but my information on them is quite vague (and they seem to be issued with no logic)...
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    Autopilot/Mission Questions and Tip request

    Thank you! Reading now. **edit** Oh this is for the Autopilot software which is iOS only. Does litchi/DJI Go use similarly adaptive software?
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    Autopilot/Mission Questions and Tip request

    Thank you for the reply. Im unable to find any information on this "learning" mode. Can you elaborate? Also if Im not using follow me i am not sure why my phone matters.
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    Autopilot/Mission Questions and Tip request

    Hi, this is my first post here after stalking the forums for a while. I fly an Inspire 1 and recently acquired litchi. I have been flying for about a year, starting off with my friend's phantom and moving on to the Inspire. I feel very comfortable as a pilot and am capable of not panicking if...