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    Fake Drone News

    Yeah, it's all good! Truth = Fiction, Facts = Nonsense, and integrity is measured in numbers of followers. It's 1984, only 35 years late, and Dear Leader has led some of us so far from reality that there's a chance he could get reelected.
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    Malware delivery via DJI?

    I agree, Meta4, the odds are low that installing those DJI drivers infects your PC with malware. But I don't know why you'd say "zero". Slackness could be the reason for not bothering to run the drivers past Microsoft for signing, but that seems dissonant for a company that goes to some lengths...
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    Malware delivery via DJI?

    No, I have no direct evidence of malware being distributed by DJI. On the other hand, what's the most obvious conclusion to come to when confronted with Windows USB drivers, supplied by DJI for use with the Phantom simulator, which have gone unsigned for months and demand that certain Windows...