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    Help, replaced my yaw arm on my P3 SE and controller issues

    THREE CHEERS To You......As many here thru many many threads back and forth get the problems finally solved and NEVER EVER REPORT back....leaving all those guy wondering IF he got the problem fixed OR simply gave UP......Thank you for the message back....You fixed it cause of a loose...
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    drone drifting side to side flight

    Have you replaced any scratched or nicked props ?... and are all 4 motors snug tite and not wobbling around ?
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    Prop Fell OFF

    See all them stars for how Great "Heilstars" are near 4 *stars ?.........Thats a BIG JOKE....they have proved them to be fake people that wanted help UP the sales on ! Or it could mean all those stars for Not Being Any Good LOL:oops:
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    Standard Is my phantom drunk or something? (Phantom flips random in the air)

    Right after the props SPIN UP......ASAP Git the fingers OFF the 2 start UP Sticks....then throttle UP and take off using the rev them 4 blades UP stick Only........Good Luck.
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    When is too Windy to Fly?

    FLY at 88 MPH !......If you go that fast....take a few pairs of nice tweezers and a few big baggys to pick UP all the drones pieces IF you should HIT something at 88 MPH'S ...Man Oh Man Good luck on that one ;)
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    Prop Fell OFF

    Oh......I also think when a person Is " not honest " with what they told Dji about the problems and issues when they send it in for repairs under the warranty.... like " Oh its never crashed and took the best care of it to keep it dry when i fly in the rain too ".....then Dji techs pull the...
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    Prop Fell OFF

    Paul...with all the DJI put downers..and some i dont really believe....they like to stir up crap.....Its Great to see a very good story from your Dji experience....I had some too and i posted mine..all was good like yours.
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    Battery storage

    Just how in the whole world were you able to test a Brand new battery at Best Buy before you left the store ?
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    Battery storage

    Do you know about the "Hibernation mode" that the DJI batteries will go into...IF they are left in storage for a long time "
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    Uploading clips

    Ianzone....with the pixelating...just possibly its the problem with what ever your viewing the videos on....and Not the drones camera. Just a quick far as the UP loading....That i sure dont have the slightest idea about that...i'm watching your thread !
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    Transmitter flight switch thread identification or replacement switch nut thin as the hex nuts are......i cant even imagine trying to hold one to tap it..let along drill it to retap it.........Good Luck .
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    Flight Simulator Virus?

    Sounds Like a False positive....But your computer might have a virus thats in the "Flight Sim App"...scan with another antivirus and go from their.
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    Standard After minor crash, phantom 3 can,t take off

    Thanks Anisa...the creator of the video is just ONE of my favorite posters here....He did a nice job of showing the ease it can be done....To a new person with broke props... and not knowing to watch the colors coding........he would only think that slight bit of effort is a good thing...."Fly...
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    Standard After minor crash, phantom 3 can,t take off

    YES you Can.....i posted a video here not to long ago of it being done with hardly no extra effort !.....Yes you can do it. The Video > Is it possible to put wrong prop on a P3 motor ?
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    Standard After minor crash, phantom 3 can,t take off

    OK......a simple question : Do you get all 4 props on the right motors....the spinner of the props color should match the color on the top of the motors shaft...and are you staying on the sticks too long after the 4 motors start to spin ??