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    Naza M FW 4.00 released

    Yeah it's from where it starts. I wonder if it goes both ways up and down from start point; if you flew into a canyon or pit
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    Is there a difference? V1.2???

    I got mine yesterday. Does not have the new props. Has prop black nuts for left hand thread shafts, silver for right. Throttle springs back to center when you let go of it. Have no experience with earlier versions. Upgraded to V4 firmware. Have flown 2 battery's seems to work very well...
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    Naza M FW 4.00 released

    I Love it. Sounds just like a UH1 Huey. Did FlyTrex do that as well? Thanks, Mike
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    DJI releases 'self-tightening' blades...

    My Phantom arrives tomorrow so Sorry for my lack of knowledge. I'm under the impression 2 of the props are held on with left hand nuts. If this is the case where did you get left hand lock nuts? I have only been able to find RH ones. Thanks, Mike