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  1. Above Wirral Country Park, Thurstaston, Wirral, UK.

    Above Wirral Country Park, Thurstaston, Wirral, UK.

    My first upload, here's a couple of unaltered screen captures from my humble P3S. Just got Blender, so working on video edits now.
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    Oeschinensee Lake - Switzerland

    Amazing location, great filming.👍
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    DJI FPV Lake Lure NC

    Amazing footage. Fantastic place. Such a well filmed and produced video👏👏👍
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    Flying around Bartlett Lake Arizona.

    Great stuff. Very relaxing.
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    Charging a battery before the automatic discharge happens

    I tend to charge mine the day before flying, but still, I didn't know you could damage your batteries by keeping them charged all the time. Good advice , thanks
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    Video unavailable

    That's some great footage.👍
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    Are Prop Guards worth keeping

    Hi folks, I'm a relatively new pilot, just finally signed up to the forum properly. Prop guards - I've been using them since getting my standard just after Christmas. The only drawback I've found is that they can come into view on camera when you're pitching forward. I usually tilt the camera...