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    Set Height Limit to Max Without the Gimbal.

    Altitude limits and any other settings that are stored in the drone can only be changed if you have the drone connected when you make the change.
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    P4p compass error “Strong Magnetic Interference” issue

    The usual explanation for a persistent failure to calibrate is a disconnected compass - usually a broken wire or connection in the landing gear. To confirm whether this is the cause, go to the Sensors section of the app settings and see what it's telling you about the compass.
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    Phantom 4 Pro + Dropped from the sky

    Go to DJI Flight Log Viewer | Phantom Help Follow the instructions there to upload your flight record from your phone or tablet. That will give you a detailed report on the flight data. Come back and post a link to the report it gives you.
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    Still photo bad quality from P4P+ camera

    Not all graphics software will be able to display the raw image files. The raw image files contain a small jpg preview image. That's what IrfanView etc is showing you.
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    recent crash

    Your Phantom has two altitude limits. One is a hard limit of 500 metres. The other is a user configurable Max Altitude Limit which allows you to set a limit if you want to. The default settings are for the Max Alt Limit to be set at 120 metres, but you can change that if you want/need to.
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    Still photo bad quality from P4P+ camera

    That is the usual explanation when people complain about the picture quality. Look at the pixel size of your images to find out. Are they 5472 x 3648 .. or are they little 900 (approx) pixel preview images>
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    DJI PHANTOM 5 or 4E

    Except that DJI have already done it as has been seen in photos for well over a year. It's been explained as a special manufacturing run for a big Chinese power company who wanted a number of them for powerline inspection work. Is DJI going to do all that development work and not use it? But...
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    recent crash

    As I mentioned above the drone has no sensor that can detect the ground below if you are higher than 30 feet up. There's no way it can follow terrain when it can't even detect the terrain. It's not hard at all if the ground the tree is growing from is 180 feet higher than your launch point. The...
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    recent crash

    What you are asking in your post isn't clear. It might help if you could rephrase it. Here are a few points that might (?) help clear things up. The height shown on your screen is the height above the level of your launch point - not the height above whatever is below the drone. Your downward...
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    No circumvention DJI greatwall restriction

    You haven't spelled out what your issue is, so we're having to guess. In case you haven't done it properly, here's how you sign out:
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    No circumvention DJI greatwall restriction

    No it doesn't. It's just that DJI aren't great when it comes to wording. They are just telling you that after the update, you have to sign out of your DJI account and sign in again and everything will be fine.
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    Litchi or DJi Go 4

    Don't think of using one or the other. DJI Go 4 is a better app for general flying and photography. Litchi is a better app for waypoint flying and for some of its other special features. Use the app that best suits what you are wanting to do.
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    Litchi observation

    The Phantom's camera has a file size limitation and records in 4GB blocks.
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    Hand catching without remote?

    On a rocking boat, the best way is to have a trusted assistant hold the drone above his face level. He has to understand to only hold it lightly and release when you push the power up. Calibrated ?? There's no need for anything to be calibrated before flying from a boat - just as there's no...
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    Best settings for night flying?

    Flying higher with no joystick input would be highly unusual and it's hard to see how it could have happened. To get to the bottom of the mystery, post your flight data and someone might be able to find what happened. Go to DJI Flight Log Viewer | Phantom Help Follow the instructions there to...