DASH CAM viral footage has spread after a white van was captured attempting to pull this dangerous move in South Gloucestershire - what will happen next?

With an increasing number of drivers opting to fit their vehicles with front and rear dash cam, bad driving footage is spreading across the internet.

From dangerous overtake manoeuvres to bizarre and unexpected road users, dash cam footage captures daily life on the road.

Having captured a number of deadly road incidents, dash cam footage is now used in court to prosecute drivers, naming and shaming those who thought nobody was looking.

One recent incident in Chester lead to the prosecution of an Audi driver after his dangerous driving was caught on camera.

Filmed on a road in South Gloucestershire, this shocking footage captures a van driver attempt a very dangerous move.

While driving along the A4174 ring road approaching the Dramway Roundabout in Pucklechurch, a white van can be seen approaching a junction.

Filmed from the dashboard of a car behind, the white van suddenly realises it is in the wrong lane and starts to pull out.

However, as the van switches lane late, the car behind has been given little time to slow.

The white van shows no indication that he has seen the speeding car behind and continued to pull out.
Source : - bestfrontandreardashcam
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