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    How many people actually balance their props?

    I have never balanced props. Don't plan on it either
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    Too close for comfort

    I was flying my P3 at the beach, a few hundred feet AGL when I was passed by a coast gaurd helicopter flying slightly below me and coming from behind. I did not see him until he had passed my quad. I don't know if he saw me. Made me nervous and highlights the need to maintain awareness of not...
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    Suggestions for Low Light Video - Capturing Live Machine Gun Tracer Fire Tonight

    Daytime video didn't load for me. Nighttime video was frickin awesome. Thanks for sharing
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    New Phantom V2+3V Owner - OC-Irvine-Ladera Area

    I live on Newport peninsula, so usually there. Here's a video from last summer:
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    New Phantom V2+3V Owner - OC-Irvine-Ladera Area

    Haha it probably wasn't me. We only flew there once, last summer sometime. I had my P2V+ and he had his homebuilt
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    New Phantom V2+3V Owner - OC-Irvine-Ladera Area

    Were the two guys flying at "Silverado Park"? Might have been me haha
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    Phantom 3 Spare Parts Pricing - Battery, Backpack, Cameras, Chargers, Props

    Are the backpacks in stock? I'd like to order one to get before this weekend if so..
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    I would actually disagree. Every time you re-cal the compass or IMU there is a chance you do a bad cal for whatever reason and get worse performance or a crash. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I cannot think of any possible reason a firmware update would need a IMU re-calibration. If it's...
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    HOW TO: Fix unstable Phantom 3 remote controller tablet mount

    Just got my metal mount from B&H. Night and day difference. Thanks for making this thread! I remember all the hate you got in the first replies too...
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    Colored Props

    For those interested, I understand that this is very easy to do yourself (though I haven't done it myself). Simply dunk the props in hot water with RIT dye added for a few minutes. Search the forums
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    hot pixels in P3P images

    Thanks I will give this a shot!
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    hot pixels in P3P images

    Hi all, Tonight I went up at night and took some images. I really pushed the files (DNG) while PP-ing them in Lightroom and ended up with a ton of hot pixels. Anyone have a good program to get rid of them, or a way to get lightroom to do a better job detecting them? My understanding is...
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    Has anyone else noticed this (prop induced vibration)?

    The black dots on my propellers were definitely off center. Gave a wobble illusion. But they were so far off center it was obvious what was happening. Was so bad I thought 'wtf, are these counterfeit?? ' It flies good and steady though.
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    B&H Photo shipped my preordered spare battery today

    I ordered the bundle. Checking the website now, it says 'in stock, order sent to warehouse' for the battery. Cool.
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    Just started flying the p3 and video and camera are disabled

    I think there might be a bug in the new firmware? Try restarting the app