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    P2 satellite indicator

    yes I did but like I said that "little thing" hanging off the controller seemed very black and white for the indication of satellite reception. Following the firmware update, the GPS indication I was more so in consideration of is what you mention in your latest post. Thanks
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    P2 satellite indicator

    Thank you for the reply, I appreciate the information. Just to follow up on it, the red flashes follow a green flash signifying the battery percentage. Ex: Green flash -> Red flash -> Red flash -> Red flash = "GPS signal is worst (GPS satellite number <5)
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    P2 satellite indicator

    I understand that yellow flashing means locating sattelites and green flashing means sattelites found. Is it that black and white? There's not a separate indication for the number of satellites aquired?
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    Phantom 2 Announcement

    Any more speculation on whether or not the FPV "support" will include a 5.8ghz transmitter or not?
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    Phantom 2 Pre order

    I would not be surprised if the "FPV" support feature already has a 5.8 ghz transmitter built in. Why else would the price be inflated from the version 1 as much as it is, aside from the new battery..