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    All my drone flights are flown with Litchi. It's a great program. Larry's Drone Zone Larry
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    Mavic Release Discussion

    Exactly. My same thought. I sure hope so. I wonder about its autonomous capability.
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    Latest Litchi Update with Speed by Waypoints

    Good observation. I've noticed that shudder too but I didn't think it necessarily was related to speed or waypoint changes as I've noticed them, such as in this flight, when I least expected them. I hope you're right and Litchi can smooth this out.
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    Litchi App

    It's excellent. I use it all the time.
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    Adobe Premiere Cloud-based vs Older Versions

    I have an older copy of Premiere Pro without the Lumetri color tools and masks for exposure improvements. I'm am not sure it would make sense for a hobbyist like me to upgrade. Is the improvement over the older basic auto or fast color correction functions worth it? Given the small sensor size...
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    Latest Litchi Update with Speed by Waypoints

    The Litchi "Help" unfortunately has not been updated to explain exacly how this change is implemented. So I guess it's up to us by "guess or golly" to figure it out.
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    Latest Litchi Update with Speed by Waypoints

    I like and use Litchi's waypoint missions a lot. The idea now that you can use separate speeds between waypoints, which I understand was strongly requested, only makes this program more powerful. However, it appears that you must have signal control for the different speeds to work. That I feel...
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    Glitch with Litchi?

    I had a strange experience this morning running a mission with Litchi. Has anyone else had this happen? I had a mission started that cut across a suburban area (in an oxbow of a river) to reach a river and then follow the meandering river back to the home point along the river. It consisted of...
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    I'm getting bored

    "Orbiting" over yourself for awhile should do the trick. You might even land one while you're recording. Good luck. Post some of your "action" Flyfishing video here when you return...I've fished for pike, pickerel and trout in Northern Ontario but I've never done fly fishing. Sounds fun though...
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    I'm getting bored

    I couldn't get the Orbit to load up either in the Mission Hub. That must be an omission. But it works fine setting it up on my tablet ahead of time. It seems to work just as well as DJI Go app if not better.
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    I'm getting bored

    I do the Orbit as well and you're right for that mode but here's a Waypoint flight I did Sunday and I misjudge the elevation coming away from the river and could have easily hit a tree on a hill here. The object avoidance would have come in handy. Just for the piece of mind.
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    I'm getting bored

    The only thing with the Litche app is I'm not sure it employs the object avoidance system. Anyone know? If not it's a shame.
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    Litchi Object Avoidance?

    Does object avoidance work with Litchi and if not why not?
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    Flight Record

    Now that is alarming. I'm beginning to appreciate those flight logs. And you have a lot to lose. Maybe it's just a buggy app but I would think that once it makes it to the "cloud" they should be secure?
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    Flight Record

    Yes. I am seeing them in the DJI App. Is there another place to see them?