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    Compass error during flight

    Bobby, the answers may be somewhere within your flight log. Go here DJI Flight Log Viewer | Phantom Help and follow the instructions for uploading the flight log from your mobile device. Post a link to the viewer back on this thread. There are several members who can decipher a lot of the...
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    A Few Questions

    I don't think you will find anything with that kind of range distance at that price point. However, a Phantom 3 Standard takes pretty good video and photos and can be flown autonomously (auto pilot, sort of) with an additionaly $25 investment in software. It's called Litchi.
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    Can fireworks overturn a drone?

    I would never risk the life of my drone or spectators on the ground. A really bad idea in my opinion.
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    Members attitude

    Elitism Belief or attitude that some individuals, who form an elite, are those whose influence or authority is greater than that of others I use the "Ignore" feature on their profiles and never have to see their posts again!
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    Litchi Help!

    Really? I always created missions using my laptop and flew them using my tablet. Gald it's working for you now.
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    Litchi Help!

    Did you check Mission Hub? They should be there. Be sure the logons match.
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    Great price for a P3P. You're gonna love it.
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    P3S lucky to be back home w/critical low power init @ indicated 56% battery capacity level

    I'm no expert and this has never happened with me, however, I have read that taking off without a fully charged battery can lead to inaccurate readings. Was that your first flight of the day? It's possible you took off with less power than indicated.
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    Standard DJI Phantom 3 Standard: Range is less than 200 feet, Constant Connection Issues

    My P3S worked great and I maintained the updates so as to maintain my warranty status. Then it went south as you described. DJI replaced the entire main board and now it works great. I read a few other threads that theorized the last update could have damaged the board. The difference here is I...
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    Wrong MicroSD card?

    I would welcome a link to these videos. I need someone to explain or at the very least demonstrate a connection between an SD card and a radio signal.
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    Signal range P3S

    I have the Itelite version. I went with it based on the feedback I found from both Argteck and Iteltie users. Itelite seemed to be getting better range.
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    Filter advice for Phantom 3 Standard

    I shoot HDR all day with my DSLR yet never actually tried using either of my Phantoms. Good luck and let me know how it goes!
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    Standard SD Card Error

    Having never seen this error I can only guess you have a hardware failure within the camera. You never provided any history such as new, or used but original owner, bought it off E-Bay, worked before but now it doesn't, crashed lately, etc. And like MotorCycle-Man suggested, contact DJI if by...
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    Filter advice for Phantom 3 Standard

    It all depends. If you're aspiring for that "cinematic" look you will need filters. If you are recording 24 FPS you want the shutter speed at 2X the frame rate or around 48. The primary function of the filter is to cut down the amount of light and drive the shutter speed down to around 48 - 50...
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    Standard SD Card Error

    What happens when you insert a card?