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    Recording videos and photos

    Congratulations on the P3. It's a fantastic start. Everything you need to know to get started can be found in the owners manual. If you don't have one, you can download a copy from the DJI website
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    Recently Required Unactivated P3P

    I think I paid around $600 for my P3P just a year ago. It was new. If it's never been activated, there is a slight chance the battery may have gone bad. You could always test the battery by attempting to charge it up.
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    P3 props

    The P3 props are easy to come by and not expensive. If only for peace of mind, I would suggest replacing the prop with a new one only from the same part number.
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    Cal State San Bernardino Foothills

    Decent range from what I can see. Using Google Earth I think I have identified your launch site.
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    Cal State San Bernardino Foothills

    Surprised someone didn't try chasing you out of there. Been searching for some wide open space myself.
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    Drone Fly Away

    State Farm does not offer "drone insurance" of any kind. It's called a personal articles policy and covers a wide range of property, including cameras. A claim will result in a payout, however, you will most likely not get renewed and/or your rates could increase regardless of insurance company...
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    Drone Fly Away

    Resolution to what? I'm not aware of any recalls of the P4P due to "flyaways". The vast majority of losses can be attributed to pilot error. I would go out and start enjoying your new A/C!
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    Another Drone enthusiast

    The Phantom 3 series is a great introduction to this hobby. Enjoy!
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    P3A Video Quality

    Some motion blur is desirable to many looking for a more natural look. You might try experimenting with your shutter speed.
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    Warning: P3 Battery LEDs Can Be Deceptive

    Good point. I purchased several a couple of years ago at a low price from Target. On the advice of some other more experienced pilots I placed them into rotation with my older batteries rather than place them in storage.
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    P3A Video Quality

    As stated earlier the difference between 1080P and 2.7K is discernible. Likewise, I find the difference between 2.7K and 4K also discernible. Sometimes people looking for "quality" are really after a different look. Are you happy with the picture style?
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    P3 Firmware DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Upgrading Aircraft Firmware

    Try DJI Phantom 3 Advanced- DJI Download Center- DJI
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    Whats a good updated tablet?

    If anybody is spying on anybody, it's going to be Mapple.
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    Whats a good updated tablet?

    I have a Nvidia Shield K1 and the Huawei M5. Love both.
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    Installing range antenna, glue recommendation?

    I used hot glue on my Itelite.