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    60fps available in latest Update? Confused... Help!

    Now if only they would give it the range, Lightbridge and an HDMI, it would be great! But I guess if they did that, it would also be the advanced, minus the extra gps.
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    P3S Questions - Potential Buyer

    From what I and many others have experienced, it appears to be a firmware issue. My standard had great range, until I updated the firmware. Since then, it goes rth at any distance randomly, due to signal lost. It can come back 100 percent just by turning the drone one way or the other...
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    P3S Questions - Potential Buyer

    The Standard does not have the cracking problem or the motor issue or even the fly away issue. What it does have is the range issue.
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    RC Signal Lost

    This procedure is for no link between r/c and P3. It does not fix the signal lost issue. Signal loss issue can occur at any range and altitude. But you have to have a connection to the r/c in the first place to even start the motors.
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    P3S not powering up.

    Make sure your battery is freshly fully charged. LiPo battery has some funny features, guysa have been having aircraft fall out of the sky with what appeared to be 100% charge. Turns out they charged the battery several days before flight. Always start with a fully freshly charged battery.
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    Phantom pilots App for android

    You have to hold your tongue between your teeth just right....
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    Fatshark Dominator V3

    I also have the Dominator V3's. And even with them, if you own a Standard, fpv is a real pita. It requires a lot more hardware to make it work. I had a sort of unrealistic view of the immersive experience. I expected it to be like looking at about an 80 inch screen from 2 or 3 feet away...
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    Tool kit?

    My bad, P3 body fasteners are #6 and #8 torx. Don't know what I was thinking. Crap, now I'm not even sure about that.
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    Birds attacking drones, Solved!!

    Fluffy?? Is that you??
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    Live Streaming with Standard?

    I know. I was looking forward to using it as well. Shoulda bought a Pro.
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    Birds attacking drones, Solved!!

    Maybe this will work
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    Live Streaming with Standard?

    According to Dji, the streaming feature is not implemented on the standard
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    Is standard worth buying?

    In the coast guard I learned that at sea the horizon is 12,000 yards. That is 6 nautical miles. Yes, you can see a ship at that distance, but if you could see a Phantom or even an Inspire at that distance, I would like to purchase your eyes for use in a transplant.
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    General inquiry about P3 Standard

    I suggest downloading and reading the manual. You would be amazed what information the manufacturer put in there.
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    New camera

    I can suggest as an alternate that you use the Litchi app. I have no experience with the B&H gimbal, sorry. But it may work with the Litchi app.