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    Battery Error after take-off

    Ok guys, I think I know what happened. I read the threads on this forum and was reminded of something: the problem might arise if the battery does not fully seat on the drone! I remembered that one of my batteries has to be pushed a little bit hard in order for it to click and seat properly...
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    Battery Error after take-off

    Hello everyone! I hope everything is fine with you and that your birds are flying safely! Today I did a very long flight at a nearby beach, with no problems and record range for the P3P. Everything was perfect... Landed, installed a fresh battery and took off. I was showing a couple of friends...
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    How do I enable this gauge style telemtry in DJI Go? It's driving me crazy

    There has to be something else! I have an iphone 6 and an iphone 6 plus I fly with. None of them have gauges. My friend uses an ipad mini and he has them! Don t know if it is screen size related!
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    FPV Goggles

    I live overseas in a very humid and hot weather. The Headplays are attractive but I feel that I could get condensation out of my face evaporation, not to mention sweating "inside" of them. The Dominators V3 even have a fan that seems to solve that issue. Is video quality up to par?