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    It is interesting to read this discussion today. And it is a pity it was started a year ago which means we've been living in the pandemic for such a long period of time. The situation didn't change much, though we have the vaccine now. I haven't got the shot yet. While I'm waiting for my turn...
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    Best website builder?

    I tried Wix and Weebly and liked both of them. It was easy to work with these web builders, though I didn't have any experience. Actually, there is a great number of website builders, all of them have pros and cons. In case someone is in search, my advice is to look through the reviews. I...
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    Hi from Estonia!

    Thanks! I'm sure I'll enjoy :)
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    I had to get a new cell phone.

    My wife also has Samsung A 51. She is absolutely happy. A for the camera, I was surprised as the pics are really good (you all can see it in the OP's post). It so happened that I work on the article about cell phones with the guys from, so I...
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    LOl Thanks for sharing this! It made my day :)
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    Maybe a simple answer to COVID - 19?

    It would be great if it was a blow. We all are tired of this situation. And I wouldn't even tell about the number of people who died...
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    Hi from Estonia!

    I'm Kevin and I'm new to the forum and to the drone world. Just want to sy hi and say that I'm sure, I'll find much useful info here.