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    I live in Palm City and new to the drone scene. Someone gave me a new P4 and I am interested and also want to know if you have anything else for the P4 Cases, Batteries etc. I go to my office in Mulberry once a week right there by Lakeland. Also had a technical question I just came across with...
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    Palm City Florida

    I’m looking for a drone group in the Treasure Coast Fl area
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    Phantom 4

    Are any of them still available
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    [Sold] Phantom 4 Advanced (needs gimbal repair) $300 OBO

    Where are you located? I just bought a DJI 4 and it maybe something I might need. I’m in South Florida
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    Palm City Florida

    Hello Palm City. I live in Palm City also and I am looking to find other drone pilots to learn from. I just got a DJI 4 and could use some help. Thank you
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    Hi From Stuart FL.

    Hello Stuart from Florida. I live in Palm City and looking for get togethers as I just got a DJI 4 and definitely need some help