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    Nice foggy sunrise UK

    It was Thursday morning in Scunthorpe, beautiful still morning (kids were nearly late for school because of this pic )
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    Nice foggy sunrise UK

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    Industrial ruin

    Love these old places, especially how nature tries to take it back
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    Hull Fair

    This picture has been doing the rounds on facebook so I thought I'd shoot a video
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    Question on better night time photography

    ISO 200, can't remember the shutter speed but auto was useless. Just play around with the manual settings it's good fun and straight forward, any adjustments show up real time.
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    Stranded Crash On Business Building (No permission to access property)

    It's the security guard I feel sorry for here.
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    Complete noob with P4

    Look at joining the bmfa Tony, it's £33 for the year which includes insurance and abroad, I took my P3A to France, emailed the bmfa and they said I'm covered in Europe for 3 weeks a year (might be longer can't quite remember) but you also get magazines which keep you up to date on latest laws...
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    Complete noob with P4

    Hi Hi Tony, I'm looking at getting a P4 soon, just a word of caution, if you are going to use your P4 for your business you will have to get a PFAW which involves a 4 day course and flight test. I really want to do it but it's around £1200 then insurance on top.
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    looks like new drone laws are coming to Europe

    Threat to Model Flying from European Regulation - EASA Prototype Rules for Unmanned Aircraft
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    possible new P4 owner

    It does look a superb quad, and I'm getting a lot of positive feedback from people on here
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    possible new P4 owner

    Thankyou, the old mill is an excellent place to fly, although I've had a few close calls in there
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    I'm not too far away...Sunny Scunny, I bought my phantom from fast-lad at Barnsley
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    First flight out to sea, nail biting stuff

    You'll soon get at ease flying out to sea (this was with my p3a)
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    P4 speed

    Even with OA on?