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    Standard Phantom 3 operation without phone

    maybe its his choice do you agree?
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    Need Assistance With Repaired P3A

    why post pdf and not a simple link?
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    Need Assistance With Repaired P3A

    cool how u just kept adding important info slowly instead of at the start/ :p it is not weird to see a device work fine with one drone and then not another drone. peeps say it all the time here on the forum
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    Two Phantom 3 Professionals, One iPad Mini 3

    maybe its the rc nand then or the rc usb board did u already try to link with ur known good rc as i said b4?
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    So bored and still bored

    get well ian! plz check in so we no ur ok!
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    Issues with cheap buy

    btw u posted in the p3s section so you may not get as many p3a/p3p peeps seeing your thread
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    Issues with cheap buy

    p2 does not work with p3. see here the list of what could work for u. p3a does not work with wifi like that. rc connects with a cable from your device to the rc. 100% do not update anything until you know more
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    P4Pro Plus Stuttering, partially frozen video transmission.

    did u use a dji cable or a cheap knock off? so many times people have tried the cheap ones and they didnt work.
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    Did I buy a lemon?

    maybe sell that monitor and use the money towards a much much better p3s (phantom 3 standard) which go for $200 - $250 range.
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    Two Phantom 3 Professionals, One iPad Mini 3

    afaik u can use multiple drones with the same device and same account. i'd bet a p3p not used for that long will prob not work anymore. prob the batteries bad or the nand memory. maybe it will work if you use the rc youve bin using. dont update anything b4 u figure more out!
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    Lost Video Black Screen no Errors???

    another ghost?
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    New board for Phantom 4

    is it the B model of 300c?
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    Are you gone? say it aint so Dawg!

    Are you gone? say it aint so Dawg!
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    Hi from Sunny Sheffield.

    hi try this post -
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    Phantom 3 error

    iirc that is the internal hidden sd card i think. not sure tho. lol.