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    Landing Gear Suggestion?

    I have the DJI Phantom stock landing gear. And while it's great, it always shows up in the photos from my GoPro hero 3. Any suggestions on new landing gear so that the gear doesn't show up?
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    Suggestion for Prop & Prop Guards & Batteries Please

    Holly cow, I paid $70 for a battery and I can get 3 for the price of half one! What do you guys do in terms of charging them? I bought a charger that can charge 2 at a time yesterday....but with my purchase of 3 more through hobbyking, I'll have 5... Where has the best props? Need some of...
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    Suggestion for Prop & Prop Guards & Batteries Please

    Looking for some suggestions on what prop guards and propellers to get for my phantom. Also gonna be needing some new batteries, can you suggest a good quality battery. Longer lasting is better! as well as a charger. For batteries, I don't wanna do any mods, just plug em in :)
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    Occassional Red Light

    Every now and again the LED will flash red. So in NAVI mode it'll be green green red green red green red green red green green green....repeat. In attitude mode, just replace the green with orange. I'm new to the software and tried hooking it up but couldn't figure out how...
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    Blinking Green battery

    heya, what ever happened here? I am experiencing the same thing...