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    Update Prceise Fly Safe Database Silliness Phantom 4 Pro+

    You're not gonna have any issues just keep hitting ignore. No sense in updating the database adding more restrictive places you can't fly lol. Hit ignore you'll be fine.
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    Hey all pilots

    Instead of editing your 4k videos in 4k the best thing to do is gonna be use proxies. It's just a smaller easier to handle copy of your video used for editing. Then when you're done you can still export in 4k if that's what you were wanting to do. It's actually really easy to do, my brother is...
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    Basic Deliverable to client

    The file will definitely be too big to email. The best way to do it is like Meta said, upload it to your Google Drive/Dropbox and then send the customer a link they can use to download it themselves. If you wanted to send an actual physical copy I think the best way to do that would be on a...
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    Graphic design app?

    I use a program called Cyberlink PowerDirector for video editing but I do prefer Adobe for editing photos. It's hard to beat Photoshop/Lightroom in that category lol.
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    Revisiting the ol' car charger....

    Have you ever tried an inverter? I bought one from Walmart for like 70 bucks, wired it to my battery and installed it underneath the driver seat with a power strip connected that's velcroed to my center console. No need to spend extra on travel chargers or anything else really and bonus being...
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    Lost Drone

    10 4.... Let me reach out and see what I can do. I'll report back as soon as I hear anything.
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    Latest dji go 4 for p4p+

    Why would you be itching to update GO4? Is something not working right?
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    Lost Drone

    What town or zip code or hell even GPS coordinates would do lol is the drone in? I've got a couple buddies in Cali but it's a big **** state lol. Help me narrow down the area.
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    3D mapping a house?...

    Definitely do-able but it wouldnt be done like a traditional mapping mission flying over and taking nadir images. For a single family home you would want to fly an orbit mission around the home varying your altitude and snapping a pic every couple Seconds. The trick with this is making sure...
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    P4P Controller issue

    The final firmware for the v1 does that end.... .600?
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    Video plays only in the DJI Fly app

    Either that or you recorded using the h265 codec. Do you know whether you used h264 or h265?
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    Is it worth sending in a crashed P4P to DJI for a repair price quote?

    Send it back to DJI asap.... You can thank me later lol
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    Had to happen eventually..... P4P fell out of the sky, analysis might be helpful

    My brother crashed his P4P a few months ago and he boxed it all up and sent it back to DJI. The day after they received it he got an email saying it was gonna be 300 to fix it and wanted to know if he could pay it which he did immediately lol. He got it back just shy of a week later opened the...
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    Trading a phantom 4 advance

    Fair trade for a mavic air 2? I think so... I'd actually love to have a P4A to keep as a backup drone but unfortunately not in the budget at the moment. If you don't mind me asking what would your cash price be?
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    P4P Decals

    Everything on amazon I found sucks. Any suggestions??? is the best option I've found so far...