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    P4P Remote with built in display

    Well now I’m disappointed …. If I can’t sell my used undergarments and other miscellaneous frolicking equipment here then where am I supposed to sell it?
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    Consistent GPS Error

    When you say you calibrated the gps do you mean you calibrated the compass? Did you have to hold the drone and spin in two circles? What exactly is it saying on your screen, like exactly?
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    Can't fly in approved air space

    I’m pretty sure everyone has a story just like yours lol…. I know I do anyway. I lost a job and then I took that dumb **** off my drone lol. The fifty bucks I spent for NLD was the best fifty bucks I ever spent. It’s like having a brand new drone that you can have faith in. I know without a...
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    Phantom 4 Pro + Battery Charging

    Then you should definitely try it lol….
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    Phantom 4 pro v2 plus 2.4 interference issue and firmware issue help!

    I just received a refurb from DJI from where I'd sent mine in for repair. I was getting flickering/interference on the first test flight out of the box and come to find out it was set on 2.4ghz Custom. So was running off only one highly used channel for my area and on the...
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    It's a sad day....

    Its with much sadness that Im here to report my beloved P4P Roxie (yes my drone had a stripper name, don't judge lol) yesterday went head on with what I believe to be a sparrow and did not make it. The sparrow on the other hand escaped serious injury with just some bumps and bruises. Anyone...
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    Zip Line

    I work with the ZipLine crew as a VO. It’s definitely a drone albeit a much more sophisticated one that requires a crew lol. To get approval for BVLOS they’ve daisy-chained VOs essentially for every leg of the flight and we pass it off from one to the next. Until it reaches the destination...
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    Globe Panorama not showing up on computer

    I'm sure this question has already been answered before but here goes..... With the P4P you have to stitch them yourself. I use a free program called Microsoft ICE (Image Composite Editor) to do the stitching. After you've assembled your pano it will prompt you for a projection choose...
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    HELP!!! Gimbal moving when I fly

    Roll back your firmware to whatever it was previously and then I wouldn't touch the firmware again. Doing that is pretty much asking for trouble lol
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    Another failed mission due to DJI's unlock system

    The problem with the Evo is the lack of 3rd party app support. The only real advantage I can see is the no geofencing so if you can negate that in some way ( I chose NLD but there are other ways too) there are not enough Pros to outweigh the Cons. Just my opinion.
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    Another failed mission due to DJI's unlock system

    Why have you not looked into No Limit Dronez? All it took for me was losing the first job and I knew something different had to be done. It was honestly the best 50 bucks I've ever spent. Still fly the same and follow all the same rules just no more big brother looking over my shoulder...
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    Best LAANC app??

    I appreciate you clearing that up for me Googler..... I was just joking tho lol. Don't anybody laugh but I actually prefer the DroneUp app for LAANC authorization. It's the easiest/quickest I've found so far.
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    Best LAANC app??

    What is LAANC? If you're taking about the peanut butter crackers then hell yeah count me in but Im unfortunately a long ways from kitty hawk so I'll probably need to have them delivered.
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    Phantom 4 controller

    That's a terrible idea lol....
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    Can I fly using another app? In a no fly zone.

    Why are yall giving him a thumbs up? That's terrible advice lol. Dudes gonna end up taking out a Cessna....