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    Advanced Jittery Pitch Gimbal Motor

    I would bet the copper wires on the motor lugs have excessive coating melt. This is one of the most common issues with gimbal motors. I have had some with bubbles in the coating from overheating.
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    P4P Yaw Motor Issues

    Sounds like you might have damaged one or both of the two tiny black sensors on the base of the yaw motor when putting the old drum on. Most of the "new" yaw motors in the marketplace ARE actually new, but are not to original factory specs. I have to put a .010 thick washer on the backside of...
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    P4P Yaw Motor Issues

    All 3 gimbal motors are affected by each other. This is, what I call the "cascading" effect of repairing P4 cams. However, if you have all 3 gimbal motors in good condition & then replace the yaw/roll ESC board, you'll have to start swapping yaw & roll motors to get a stable gimbal. This is the...
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    Gimbal on P4P Plus

    Check to make sure the ribbon cable is not obstructing the camera module from moving. It doesn't take much resistance to effect the smooth motion of the camera. There is little room for the ribbon to stay clear of the cam. If not the ribbon, then you'll need to check the pitch motor. You'll need...
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    P4P Gimbal issues, where to start

    If the gimbal lock is left on & the drone is moved around, the gimbal motors are restricted from stabilizing, which causes the coating on the motor's copper wires to melt. It can be accumulative & have no effect until the melt lets the copper wires touch each other without insulation; hence, it...
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    Phantom 3 standard gimbal won't move after replacing ribbon cable

    The crash, more than likely, damaged the camera module itself. When DJI engineers decided to put the SD card slot in the module, it wound up having an effect on the integrity of the module. A damaged module causes the gimbal dance in a P3Std, it also can kill current to the rest of the gimbal. I...
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    Standard Last thoughts before give up!

    The P3Std. is a different animal than the other models of P3's. For some reason, the engineers decided to put the SD card slot in the camera module, instead of on the main board. A bad cam module on a P3Std. causes the gimbal dance. I have over a dozen bad modules. Salt water is like acid to...
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    Phantom 2 parts

    It might be the wifi module inside the drone. They have a way of losing video if they sit for a long time. The module is easy to remove, (take photos of connections), as is are the body halves. There are several sources for "reflashing" the module. I turn my 2 test drones on every 2 weeks & no...
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    Standard Dji P3s with Different RC and Gimbal Assembly

    Try going into your phone or tablet tot he wifi page. It will show different devices. This P3s should show up and request a password. Type in 123123 & it should make all the necessary connections to the camera. (it might be 12341234) Try both.
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    Need Assistance With Repaired P3A

    Have you tried going into your phone or tablets wifi page to see if your drone is asking for a password? All you have to do is type in 123123 & it will connect your app tot he camera.
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    How can you tell a Phantom 4 Pro camera and gimbal from a Phantom 4 Pro V2 camera?

    There is a difference. If you remove the back plate on the cam body & remove the top circuit board, you will see 3 black screws, 2 top, 1 bottom, at the perimeter of the board, see attached images. If you were to get gutsy & take that board off & access the lens module, you would see the shutter...
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    How to tell a p4p camera from a p4

    Since I repair these cams all the time, Starz gave a good visual difference and the others become visible after it is removed from the drone body. The Pro has one wide, flat ribbon connector & the Std. has 2 connectors, one narrow flat ribbon & one 4-wire, short power connector. There are...
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    Controller's Breaking.

    I responded to this issue some time ago & thought it might be worth repeating. Having been in the plastics industry some years ago, it is common practice to mix "regrind" material in with virgin material. The amount of mixing can be the source of big problems if certain parameters are not...
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    Phantom 3 Standard Jello Effect

    Make sure the rubbers are the soft ones, unlike the harder ones used on the other P3 models.
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    “Update” P4P to V2 via software?

    The V2 has a very sophisticated camera module that makes focus adjustments. There is no software in the regular P4P FW to accommodate the V2 version. Photo attached of the cam module internals.