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    Beginner FC40 Help!

    i have just bought some new batteries so hopefully that helps! do you have any experience using a mac to connect the phantom to?
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    Connecting FC40 to Macbook

    this could be a really stupid question but i just downloaded naza onto my macbook and i have no idea how to connect my phantom to my laptop? help please :)
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    Red light in flight

    Yes!! I have had the same problem and tried 4 different batteries all 2200mAh and they all do the same thing, i have ordered some new 3000mAh batteries so hopefully they do the trick. Otherwise i have no idea why it is doing this?
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    Beginner FC40 Help!

    I didn't do anything to do with Naza, but it's second hand so didn't think I had to. Or should I? Yep I did the compass calibration. And I'm using 11.1V 2200mAh batteries. I tested three batteries before I flew and they all had 70%-80% charge so i thought that would have been okay, but I was...
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    Beginner FC40 Help!

    oh and also i have a sony action cam i want to eventually attach if anyone has a good setup
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    Beginner FC40 Help!

    I just bought a DJI phantom fc40, and i have never used a drone before so i'm a bit rusty. I got it flying and all of a sudden it was flashing red and just came straight down despite me pushing the stick right up! Any idea what this means and why it is happening? Any tips for beginners? Also...