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    Phantom Alternatives

    Really nice and cleaver design but it's much more expensive than the Phantom. Is there any webshop/shop which sells QAV500 in the EU? Because i only found US shops.
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    Better than Phantom?

    Thank you for your help! Actually i think the same, although F550 is a great hexacopter (and can be the next step after Phantom) but it will cost much more than the Phantom and if my buisness plans will go wrong than iam won't loosing as much money with the Phantom :) .
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    Better than Phantom?

    Hi all! I'm new to quadcopters and i'm thinking on buying a Phantom. My long term goal is areal filming and to make some money with it but i know it's not that easy so its a really long term plan. I want to go step by step so i bought a cheap quadcopter (v949) to learn how to fly and after i...