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    Help compass problems ,, I DONT KNOW

    I have a P2 non vision and on power up after it warms up finds its satellites I flip my S1 switch 5 times and get the esc lights to turn solid yellow to calibrate compass .. I do this every time I fly in new places. Never had a problem calibrating!! Took the P2 out the other night went through...
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    Phantom 2, H3-3D + GoPro 3 for sale, SOLD

    Re: Phantom 2, H3-3D + GoPro 3 for sale, UK only The pictures of the three wires look to me one goes to the mini iosd the red and black one and yellow and black one to the video transmitter. There should be one more going up inside the shell has power!! Looks like the same wiring harness I run...
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    FS: New Phantom 2 Photographer’s FPV Kit

    I'm interested in the H33d if you would . The camera is nice but gonna go with the Sony RX100 to mount on the S900 unit just stationary with the gopro 4 on gimbal
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    FS: New Phantom 2 Photographer’s FPV Kit

    Just wanted to see if you had pictures of your old P2 with the Ricoh camera mounted on the H33D can you explain how this works'!!
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    Trade/Sale Vision + (for P2 w/h3 3d )

    Looking to trade / or sale Vision + for Phantom 2 with H3/3D + gopro hero 3+ Only 5 total flights no crashes always hand grabbed no hard landings or abuse looks as good as new !! Adult owned only selling to replace for a Phantom 2 I seem to enjoy the P 2 a little better ! Also have go...
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    DJI Phantom 2 V2 H3-3D / Phantom 2 Vision+ *PRICE DROP*

    Re: DJI Phantom 2 V2 H3-3D / Phantom 2 Vision+ Pm sent
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    No last four beeps on initial start up on P2

    Thanks for the reply !! I have a vision plus as well and when I flew it the other day that's when it dawned on me the P2 was not powering up with same sequence!! I watched a utube video of a P2 last night and it had the four last beeps so it got me concerned .. Would there be a version number on...
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    No last four beeps on initial start up on P2

    Last week I had a pilot error and didn't bring my phantom 2 down fast enough before loosing all power due to I ran the battery out with still pretty good altitude . The video shows the p2 using what little power it had while falling ramping up the motors for just a second at at time. This...
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    Fat Shark Attitude V2 250 mw 5.8

    Sent PM
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    swopping channel 7 from gimbal/tilt to retracts

    I know the link I sent you to those other retracts they are using the S 2 which is the HL CL switch but I couldn't tell you how !!
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    swopping channel 7 from gimbal/tilt to retracts

    They have retracts that will function with your S2 switch on your radio allowing you to keep your 7th channel for the gimbal and still using the stock landing Gear! Very nice look high price but nice ! RCDH RETRACT LANDING GEAR FOR DJI PHANTOM 2 & VISION PLUS
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    DJI Naza M V2 (Never Used) and F550 Frame

    Still for sale
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    Antenna Mod Please Help

    Thanks for the reply I received my 12 dbi mini black hawk fpv package from horizon for the black pearl black mamba kit! Got the nimrod and clover leave set and is crystal clear out to 1.5 km before rth kicks in from loosing my signal on the 2.4 radio side! Horizon mentioned if I bought the 2.4...
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    H3 3D gimbal crashed

    Took a hard crash maybe somebody can use it for parts i dont know can send pictures text message 4322143801 make offer
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    Antenna Mod Please Help

    You are correct about the range being more than the vision plus! Lastnight I got out 1.2 km with perfect FPV with no fail safe kick in. In town I can get out 900 meters and a height of 50 meters before my fpv begins to break out! Horizon antenna package is on the way might push me out to 2 Km ...