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    Phantom 3 Headlight Options

    Anyone having any good ideas as far as attaching a headlight to a P3P? I guessing something light and bright. A tactical flashlight would be great, but the ones I am see look to heavy. I saw this and I was think of ways to mount it or if it would be bright enough. OxyLED OxySense T-02U USB...
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    Best Place to Purchase a New P3P Gimbal?

    I just emailed them but it doesn't look like much support for a P3P or even parts. The best price I have seen is 349.99 which is DJI's floor price?
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    Best Place to Purchase a New P3P Gimbal?

    I'm struggling to find places that sell a P3P Gimbal/Camera. I think I have determined my is can't be fixed even though it didn't suffer much damage. Replaced the ribbon wire twice and tried to isolate the which motor or sensor was failing with no great indication. Tilt motor gets hot with no...