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  • Hi Ianzone. You have helped me before so I'm knocking on your door again. Do you perhaps use Litchi to fly your Phantom? I can't get my Laptop to sync with my iPhone.
    Thanx 4 yor reply, l respond ystrdy but l got a scoldin fm admin bkos l usd th link that said REPLY foolishly thinkin it ment that. I red oldr coments about batteries, there was 1 had same message on screen. He had a saga but did sugest usin th duff battery 4 non-flyt setup procedures, good idea. So not all negative xperiena, thanx 2 you & th forum, good 2 no there is help, yours aye, T
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    Theo CvV
    Theo CvV
    Then l tried sendin th last in English but wos told must b ls than 420 karaktrs, so admin, wer is th wurdkount?
    ianzone....glad that your P4 was ok after the tumble down...whats hanging off that post..looks like clothes pins... to me...i hope to fly in the next few days as its rained all week long plus its been cold........Cheers to you ianzone.
    Hello Ianzone
    Where did you get the stickers on your controller for deciphering the flashing lights ?
    Thank you
    Peter B
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