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    P3 and P2 Battery Number Decal Labels, Silver, Gold, Red, Black + Armbands

    Just ordered my set in silver. I was glad to see you ship to Canada!
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    i need a carry case

    Lol I won't be checking it. Haven't been on a plane since 2007. I don't get much time off for travel.
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    i need a carry case

    This is what I picked up and it's awesome! Not so easy on the budget though. Holds 7 batteries and all accessories including extra props and my iPad Air. Nanuk 945 DJI™
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    Recreational Drone Use covered by your homeowners policy?

    My homeowners insurance would not cover me unless it was used solely as a "toy". Talked to them today. - Canada
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    Real estate for rookies

    Forgive my ignorance but wouldn't the p3 fall under the exemption rule because it's under 2.1kg? This is all very confusing.
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    Real estate for rookies

    Ok, so I've been doing a lot of research since posting this question. I'm in Canada and this is the answer I've come up with. As long as I have liability coverage and operate in a safe manner, avoiding people and generally follow the rules, and having an aircraft that is below 2kg I should be...
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    Real estate for rookies

    Thanks for all the useful information, my primary use for this drone is for agricultural purposes on my farm. I was going to do some real estate photos for an uncle who is a realtor with the plan to use the money for a few batteries. That plan might just have to be scrapped for now. I am...
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    Real estate for rookies

    Going on day 2 of owning a quad and already I've had a job offer from a real estate guy. I'm just wondering if there are any quick tips from members doing this sort of thing. Keeping in mind I'm a rookie flyer and very amateur photographer. I'm not looking for legal info, strictly camera/quad...
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    Phantom 3 or Solo

    Being a soon to be flyer (p3a arrives today) I had to decide between the blade chroma and the phantom, I went with p3a against my local hobby shop recommendation. I don't think I've seen the chroma mentioned once on this forum and I've been reading like a mad man these last few weeks. What is...
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    Already bored - how do you stay excited to fly your P3?

    Hey emilewski, I'm from pei, thanks for the vacation plug, it really is a beautiful place to visit/live. I'm eagerly awaiting arrival of my first phantom 3 adv. Excited to see what this place looks like from the sky. Where do you usually fly when you visit?