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    Phantom 4 Pro with 3 Batteries and Think Tank Case

    I am selling my Phantom 4 Pro. It is in excellent condition with no crashes. I have probably flown it a total of 15 times. Reason for selling it..............lost interest. Local sale only. I live in Costa Mesa, Orange County CA. $950 List: P4P with remote control 3 batteries with...
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    Used P4P Suggestions

    Check out craigslist (orange county calif) DJI Phantom 4 Pro / Many Extras - general for sale - by owner. P4P with many extras. I contacted the seller and everything looks to be in great working condition. I just don't have the budget for it right now.
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    Used P4P Suggestions

    Saw one on Craigslist in Orange County Ca. Looks like a great deal..............
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    Plane detection?

    Gotta be careful when flying at all times.........
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    Make sense...
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    Prices for Inspire 1 dropping?

    Better dji drones are available at much lower cost.....
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    What happens when a drone gets ingested by an aircraft engine, FAA ready to conduct live test . . .

    It is about time this test is being scheduled......
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    quadcopter is aimed at first responders

    Interesting stuff.......
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    Phantom 4 in New Condition / Many Extras - $1050

    For sale is a Phantom 4 that was purchased in May 2016. It is in new condition and never crashed. I still have the original box, case and receipt. I am located in Costa Mesa, CA. Local pick-up only. Included in the sale: DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Remote Control (8) Quick Release Propellers...
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    SOLD For Sale: Brand New Phantom 4 / $850 obo

    Brand New Phantom 4 for sale. The box has not been opened. I am in Orange County CA. Local pick-up only. $850 obo Scott
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    $850 for Brand New Phantom 4

    I said "asking" $1100. Make me an offer.
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    $850 for Brand New Phantom 4

    For sale is a BRAND NEW (with USA warranty) DJI Phantom 4 still in its unopened original box. It was won in a raffle on Feb. 9 at a Photography Trade Show in Las Vegas. I am located in Costa Mesa, Ca. Locale pickup only. $850 obo Scott
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    Received PolarPro Drone Trekker Backpack - Review

    Great review...................I have a couple of questions about how the Phantom 4 fits in the backpack. You said that it fits however I notice that you have some type of protective covers over the prop arms (black). Is that because the P4 is too tall for the backpack? Were they supplied by...