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    ZenMuse is a game changer.

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    Goodluckbuy Gimbal Questions-HELP!!!!!!

    You know, I don't. There was a warning included with the gimbal that specifically warned DO NOT upgrade the installed 1.x firmware. Given that and the problems people are having here and in other forums, I elected to return for a refund and look at the Arris, Tarot, or XPG. I paid $25 more to...
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    Drone videos rocket. Pretty cool. ... ZDkItO-0a4
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    Goodluckbuy Gimbal Questions-HELP!!!!!!

    Hooked up yesterday. Same exact board as you show. Gimbal works great EXCEPT for pitch. Same issue, exactly as you described. I imagine this is a software issue and that is going to be a deep, deep dive to upgrade the firmware and tweak it to work. Especially with no support. I thought this...