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    Problem synchronising photos

    Hi, I’m having an issue synchronising/uploading panoramic photos, every time I just get the following screen. I can download the individual photos to my computer from the SD card but only individually (not stitched together). Would appreciate any advice out there? Thanks Rich
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    [UK] Anyone have a spare P3A for sale to replace a stolen one? [NOW FOUND]

    Hi Rip, not sure where you're located but i live in Stroud so if i can be of any help just shout.
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    P3P RC not charging

    Thanks, it's a GL300C. RC is only 4 months old and has been used for 5 flights.
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    P3P RC not charging

    Hi, I'd welcome any advice, when I plug in my RC it begins to charge but after around 20secs it stops charging and instead emits a faint beep every 2 seconds? It is new and has worked previously Thanks