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    98 foot max altitude Issue

    After many successful flight at 200 feet, I suddenly receive a message on the DJI app advising I have reached the maximum flight limit of 98 feet; the P3 advanced will not fly higher. I am not in a restricted zone and have checked settings on app; unable to find source of this issue. Can...
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    Advanced Wifi Connection Question

    Just purchased p3 advanced. Instructions indicate using usb cable to connect RC with iphone6. This means I must use RC to adjust camera versus "camera operator" using iphone and dji app. Is there a reason for this change from wireless to wired connection?
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    Lost Wifi Connection

    Just had gimbal ribbon cable replaced due to hard landing. Everything checked out perfect at repair facility. Upon receiving via UPS, I attempted to test-fly before using for project. After changing ipad wifi setting to phantom then wifi extender - RC - Phantom power-up sequence, the camera...
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    Audio and visual error Indicators

    Had a hard landing involving palm tree this morning. Camera became disconnected from magnet; re-installed successfully. To check if everything is working, I went through flight checklist as always. Drone made audible beeping sound plus red flashing light on front of gimbal housing. DJI app...
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    Navigation Lights Issue

    As I mentioned, the red lights do not illuminate when the motors start; only after reaching altitude above roof level of houses. When I press stick to UP, only the green lights are illuminated.
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    Navigation Lights Issue

    After following flight sequences and rotating to set compass and establish 6+ GPS satellites, I noticed on last two flights front red lights were not illuminated. Once airborne above residential roof-tops, red lights illuminated. Can someone advise cause and solution to this issue?
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    Video Issue

    I capture photos plus video clips for real estate applications using the Phantom two vision plus. When I choose video for the first clip, I am able to read and import into a video editing program. When I later choose video again for another clip, this clip is unreadable by any video software...