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    Latest Firmware Update 14/9/2017

    Upgrade was for controller only
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    Latest Firmware Update 14/9/2017

    Fixed my Imu error I kept getting at start up. Finally Dji
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    New Firmware Update for P4

    Hey all Just did the new firmware update for phantom 4 controller only . It fixed my IMU ERROR at start up [emoji4]Thanks Dji
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    How long can batteries stay fully charged safely?

    There is a setting in the App that lets you choose how many days before discharge it ranges between 3 and 10 days I think . Mine is set at ten but I will normally fly at least once within 10 days then recharge and pack away again. So I guess 10 days is ok ? They haven't discharged yet . I've...
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    New Firmware Update for P4

    The update went fine for me as well . iPhone 7 plus . Tested flys nicely only tried gesture mode all worked good . Next time I started up for a flight I now get an Imu error . Cal Imu . Then it goes away and all is good again . I did the new Imu cal and compass and when I check sensors they are...
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    New Firmware Update for P4

    And yes I have done the new Imu calibration and compass as normal !
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    New Firmware Update for P4

    I get an Imu error message while Imu is warming up then it goes away and it is ready to go . This only happens on first start up . If I switch drone off and restart again I don't see Imu error message again ? Weird
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    What means, "IMU Redudancy switch"?

    After latest firmware update and calibration I now get an Ambient light too low message does anyone else get this now? This was done indoors after sunset but it never happened before
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    lower frame cracking on my phantom 4

    Just a thought . I never push my battery in hard and listen for the click as they tell you to do in the dji support tutorials. I always depress both locks and push it in and then lightly pull to make sure it's in . Never had issues with cracks around battery compartment or batteries coming loose ✌️