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    Standard Camera lag

    I have a P3 standard, and haven't used it over the winter, though I have been keeping the batteries at the correct level. It was working perfectly before I put it to bed for the winter. I got it out of hibernation this week, and updated the firmware and the android DJI app. As soon as I...
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    Standard Battery charge levels

    Hi I realise that you have to be very careful with the charge levels of these batteries, and I am going on vacation shortly. I have two batteries and they will not be used for at least 2 weeks, so I was just wondering at what level to leave them for this extended period, 30-50% ? Cheers
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    Standard Ribbon cables to camera

    Thanks for your replies, much appreciated. I've taken the connectors off, and it looks like I should be able to reconnect the cables. I'll try tomorrow rather than having to re-thread new cables through the frame.
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    Standard Ribbon cables to camera

    Hi After a crash today, a couple of ribbon cables have become detached (one black and one grey). Even though the ribbon plug has a couple of empty slots on the end, I'm not sure that this is where they came from. Having looked at photos of new ribbons, there are the same number of cables and...
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    Standard Intelligent flight modes

    Yeah, I think I know how it works. Here is what's happening in the simulator: I take off and fly forward a few feet. Right stick forward= aircraft flies forward away from me Right stick back=aircraft flies backwards towards me I turn on Course lock. I spin the aircraft 90 degrees I believe...
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    Standard Intelligent flight modes

    Hi I bought a Phantom 3 Standard yesterday and I have been messing around on the simulator rather than crash it into a tree on the first flight J I have an issue with getting the Intelligent flight modes to work. After taking off and selecting F-mode, the selections appear as expected. I...