Back in 2011, my son am I became interested in the emerging UAV market. The FAA 2012 modernization act was signed in February 2012.
Back in 2012 we started with the AR Drone.

Transforming the Parrot ARDrone: A very low cost way to experience deep down range FPV flight. We created the AR Drone Wheel Antenna Kit which extends the ranges and drastically reduces video dropout problems when the drone is rotated while at a distance. Along with an off-the shelf WiFi range extender, one kilometer (3300ft) flights are possible. The antenna kit was, and still is, a hit selling thousands worldwide.
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Now the focus is on DJI's Phantom series machines and have created the worlds first two drone solution (Repeater Drone Technology). One drone is the Repeater-Helper Drone and the other is the Camera-Worker Drone.

To access impossible to reach locations...

"It's a matter of Physics, not Technology."

Cell Towers do for Cell Phones what Satellites do for GPS Devices what Repeater-Helper Drone do for Camera-Worker Drones.

It works with the following Phantom Drone:
  • Phantom 3 Standard
  • Phantom 2 Vision+
  • Phantom 2 Vision
  • Phantom FC40

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