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    Hole placements for range extender wires?

    Recommendation is to never drill a hole into your aircraft. How much farther does it need to go? Are you going out of visual range?
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    possible employment

    I'll take a look in our network of pilots. We have over 800 pilots in the US, and Canada. Maybe we can send one your way.
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    Best Carry case for P3 std with range ext installed?

    Probably not, but you can alway take a hot knife to the case and customize it to work. We have many options for GPC cases on our website, and they are typically simple to customize. Good luck.
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    DJI GO 4 won't recognize controller

    It's likely an inconsistency in the firmware. If you update the controller, but not the drone then it's not speaking the same language between the two. Unfortunately, you need to update the bird. Good luck.
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    Tony dji phantom 4 Gimble motor overheat

    Is anything bent? It is very easy to mess up a gimbal on a P4 drone. Hard to say what the cause is without seeing it. I had this happen recently. It was the yaw motor that had the overload and I had to replace the gimbal. Best of luck on this one. Wish I could be more help.
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    Hello from Cumbria UK

    Welcome to the forum. Always happy to have new droners join us.
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    Gimbal Phantom 4 Advance

    Has this crashed or been transported roughly? It looks to be in good shape overall. Is anything bent on the arm? Can you add more photos?
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    Professional Battery problem

    I would agree with tedw200. Sounds like a firmware update issue. Try turning the battery on and off to see if it may go away. if not then retry the firmware update.
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    What Mirrorless or DSLR Cameras are you using to shoot video (any particular suggestions you might have)?

    Depends on your experience, and comfort level. Are you looking for 4k or 1080? We use Canon for about everything. It's a good platform and is easily used on the fly, but if you want 4k you'll have to PAY. Sony, and Panasonic are always a good go to for an inexpensive price. I've heard of...
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    Hello, HELP to install PIX4D, Litchi, DRONEDEPLOID on phantom 4 pro + v2.0

    Unfortunately, it will not work on that platform. You can how ever buy an additional radio for a P4 with out the screen and link it to your drone. We have them for sale on our website. See the link below if you're interested.
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    We always love seeing new pilots around here. Welcome to the forum. It's a great tool to learn and see what's happening.
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    GPS Jamming

    Good looking out. it's always fun losing GPS signal in the middle of a flight. Thanks for sharing.
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    Drone video: best settings for DJI models

    Great advise. Thanks for taking your time to help other get better.
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    New Drone pilot in Michigan

    Welcome to the Forums sir. We are glad to have you. Hopefully it warms up soon up there so you can fly all day long.
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    Is 10 hours a lot?

    If the aircraft was taken care of and flown within reasonable conditions and recommended standards or DJI then no 10 hours is not much. You should have a very long life ahead of that machine. Best of luck.