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    Hello from New Orleans

    Greetings Mike and welcome to the forum. We definitely love your part of the country! If we can ever lend a hand with anything just let us know. We work with a lot of public safety, search and rescue, etc. In fact, we will have 12-15 pilots on the gulf coast from New Orleans to Gulf Shores...
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    Osmo with X7 camera

    Not that we know of.
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    RTK Upgrades

    We have an Emlid Reach+ RTK system for sale with the M+ module. That is exactly what you're looking for it sounds like. It's an open box, but never used or activated. Thanks, Brett
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    Drone tornado footage 4/30/2019!

    WOW! Now the weather geek in me was very impressed, but he pilot in me was a little worried. Either was very cool footage, but very unsafe. Anyone know what kind of drone he was flying? Thanks, Brett
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    Tips on creating deliverables for clients

    There are many ways to go about getting deliverable to your client. What do they want to see? What is their need? Why were you hired? You need to make your deliverable fit in a way that the next drone guy can't come in and do it better. So yes, you can use Drone Deploy for some of this...
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    New guy on the block

    Good luck!
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    Phantom 4 RC used for Phantom 4v2

    Unfortunately not. :( Good Luck, Brett
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    Start up problem

    It can really be a number of things, but that being said. What have you done to trouble shoot the issue? Have you ran any recent firmware updates, or had a hard landing? Did you remove the foam protector before flight on your last flight? Really need to get more info to help, likely from a...
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    Litchi Software Question

    I'd love too, but unfortunately, I'm not that familiar. I know a little but know you can save your flight plans. Brett
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    Litchi Software Question

    Yes you sure can. :) Best of luck, Brett
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    pix4d GCP or geotag or manual tie points accuracy and time/results

    Feel free to call and chat with Sean in our office. 855-837-6637. He would be your best bet for getting the answers you are seeking.
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    The Phantom line is dead, time for a Mavic - opinion?

    Can't go wrong with the new Mavic 2. It's a well built machine. In fact this become the new standard for our Cell Tower Inspections Program. This drone handles as good if not better that the P4P in the wind and has a lot more tech built into it than the P4. Like all drones, if DJI has...
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    5.11 Tactical Case

    We stick to all GPC cases here. The quality is what we for all of our missions. Have a great day, Brett
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    Phantom 4 heads to sea

    Beautiful scenery. Good work pilot Brett