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    Use of battery after crash

    Good day all. I agree with this method as I have done it after a crash last year when my drone (P34K) fell out of the sky due to total power-cut. The test was to determine if the problem was 'drone' related or if it was specifically 'battery' related. First I did the following five GENERAL drone...
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    Gimbal Board Issue

    Good morning. Last July I did a repair which ended in a smoke issue which was nothing more than damage to the Gimbal Cable (Black). Hopefully yours is also just wire damage (Grey or Black or Both). This is the link to the article...
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    Standard One of front red light not on

    Good morning. You did mention a crash so it may just be that the bulb was damaged or a wire connection to it has been dislodged. Can't see that being anything else. I sense that your concern is that the aircraft is trying to indicate a warning, error or some other status. The Front LED...
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    Strange 'gimbal dance' and no camera connection after ribbon replacement.

    Good morning. No I used a generic cable. My last 2 repairs were done with generic repair kits and they worked well.
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    Strange 'gimbal dance' and no camera connection after ribbon replacement.

    Good afternoon pilots. Did a recent gimbal repair last month from a repair-kit, got a successful 'gimbal dance', successful display on App, and tested all movements from -90 to +30 degrees etc. BUT, after I made a physical adjustment on the ribbon, I damaged it in the process and so when I...
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    Ribbon cable on camera

    Good afternoon. There's potential that EVERY function can be lost due to a bad ribbon. I repaired mine (Phantom 3 4K) a few weeks ago with a gimbal repair kit purchased from Amazon, but I messed it up after the repair (YES I SAID IT,...after the repair). After assembly and power-on test, I got...
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    Phantom 2 Vision - cannot login with either the Windows desktop app (v 3.8) or the Android app.

    Good afternoon all. Never knew our birds could be controlled from a Windows OS. Where have I been. So will this also control a Phantom 3 4K? I currently use the DJI GO app for Android.
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    Pricing a Phantom 3, standard 4K

    Yes, the Phantom 3 Standard also uses WiFi, but PaddyDelmar simply quoted the wrong model name. It's a Phantom 3 4K (he said Phantom 3 Standard 4K but there's no such model). I also own a Phantom 3 4k and there are a few differences with it vs the Standard beyond just the 4K and the extra 200...
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    Pricing a Phantom 3, standard 4K

    Okay well that's a Phantom 3 4K. Improved distance by .2km also.
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    Pricing a Phantom 3, standard 4K

    Good morning. What's a Phantom 3 Standard 4K though? Phantom 3 series are of the following: Phantom 3 Standard Phantom 3 Professional Phantom 3 Advanced Phantom 3 4K Phantom 3 SE
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    Magic power mod

    Good morning. I assume that you got a successful connection to the RC's WiFi right? Can't say for sure what your problem is, but when I installed mine (v5.3+) last January, I experienced a similar problem where nothing seemed to be happening during a few attempts. I would have tried the...