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    Range Extenders for Phantom 2

    Yes, I forgot to mention it has zenmuse h3-3d with GoPro 4 silver. FPV system transmitter is immersionrc 600 mw So which signal is amplified by the range extender ?
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    Range Extenders for Phantom 2

    Hello guys, I have a Phantom 2 standart My question is regarding Range extenders. Which range do they extend - the video range or control distance range ? Also what frequency they are operating, as i want to use for control distance extender ? thank you.
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    Phanton 2 pairing with vision 2 + controller

    Hello guys, Recently a friend my mine made me a gift his phantom 2. Since the original controller doesnt have battery indicator, I wanted to know if the controller from phantom 2 vision + is compatible with the phantom 2 ? Thank you Regards, Emil Petrov