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    P4P v2.0 took off on its own, crashed.

    I, had that exact same thing happen to Phantom 4Pro+ V2.0. When my bird crash landed the gimble smashed, both landing legs broken off, all props damaged. Sent back to DJI and after 3wks they had determined that the Fly Away was Pilot Error. The good thing was DJI made good and sent back to me a...
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    I guess today was my turn, P4P falls out of the sky

    Hi, I'm new to this site, but i had my P4P+V2.0 for less than a month already had about 20 hours if flight time on it. My P4P+V2.0 took off with no problems when all of a suudden to decided to do a Fly Away. My controller stated that if was oly 250 AGL. But you could see it nor hear it either...