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    Improve Fc40 camera night video

    Hi is there anything i can mod to improve night flying. The FPV camera on the FC40 is terrible thanks
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    Bought new fc40 camera ... Seems dark

    Hi guy I not sure if I bought a defective camera from eBay but images seem very dark under house light Is that normal ?
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    Wifi Extender (with battery)

    Hi Guys i am really having a hard time finding the perfect solution to this problem: Problem: PORTABLE wifi extender that is BATTERY POWERED and can be used on 2.4ghz to extend the range of the wifi of either gopro/sjcam/fc40 cameras. i looked at many of the tp-links but they all have a...
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    Sjcam m10 wifi , add portable (battery powered) repeater

    Good evening Man I can a good wifi repeater to improve the wifi range on the sjcam cameras If not really worth the time , any recommendations for a wifi transmitter on 2.4ghz please (needs to transmit to iPhone and not a receiver like black pearl etc) for example has anyone used the TL-MR3040...
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    SJCam 4000/M10 and others Wifi Range

    Hi For those of us who are poor , i wanted to know if anyone did any real life tests on the wifi range of the SJCAM cameras (without any repeaters or extenders) just its regular wifi signal for example has anyone used the TL-MR3040 with a SJCAM ? if so, show me how to setup please
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    Fc40 camera range (iPhone vs iPad)

    Even the latest 6s plus
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    SMALL / PORTABLE WIFI extender for the fc40 camera?

    He has a lot of posts , mind linking it pls
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    SMALL / PORTABLE WIFI extender for the fc40 camera?

    Yes indeed there are tons of options I read about for wifi 2.4ghz extender . But I am truly looking for a portable solution , battery powers (similar to the re700) for the vision. Anyone did any benchmarks or range test for small portable battery charged wifi extender on 2.4ghz for the fc40 camera
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    How much can I sell this for ? Recommendation on range

    1 x Phantom 2 vision plus (missing gimbal / wifi module / vision camera) 3 x batteries 2 x chargers 2 x remotes (5.8ghz) 1 x re700 wifi booster 6 x props 1 x booklet / manually 1x carry back bag 8x propeller guards Also I have the fc40 camera and to mount
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    Fc40 camera range (iPhone vs iPad)

    Hi Has anyone done any tests to get the camera connection range of the fc40 camera (no range extender used) If better on iPhone / iPad . Also which model?
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    Vision telemetry

    sorry for the confusion let me explain my purpose, if i put the vision camera on the phantom 2 (that doesn't have a wifi module) inside. can I just buy the FC200 camera and mount it on the phantom 2 without any additions to the phantom 2 and just connect the re700 to the vision camera and it works?
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    DJI Phantom 2 vision+ Wifi module alternative

    DJI Phantom 2 vision+ Wifi module alternative Hi besides getting the official vision+ wifi module, can you use something else to get the info on how many satellites connected etc..
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    Vision telemetry

    I thought the vision camera fc200 has a wifi transmitter
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    Vision telemetry

    Hi Is the telemetry info inside the vision camera or inside the phantom ? Also is there a wifi module inside the vision (just like the vision plus)