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    Recover your drone over water!

    Out of curiosity: were you able to recover anything from the SD card?
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    questioning DJI propeller design

    I like this viewpoint. I'm not at all an engineer (I'm really bad at math) but fixed-pitch propeller driven planes can have different props installed to enhance performance in certain aspects of flight at the expense of performance in other areas, say better climb performance but a lower cruise...
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    Houston and south bound

    If you're on Facebook there is a group called South Houston Multirotors. It's pretty active and if I'm not mistaken, they orchestrated the recovery of a racing drone off of a structure just a short while back with another drone!
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    Abandon Multnomah greyhound park

    It's almost sad to see such a beautiful facility not being used. I was out that way back in October. Beautiful landscapes!
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    What is the best practice test for the part 107??

    ASA has an app and a desktop test-prep software that covers the questions. You can take study tests over specific test areas, or you can take actual practice tests. I paid about $5 on Amazon for the app...
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    Hello To All the Ham Operators

    KF7TZQ. Despite the callsign, I am in TX.
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    Standard Remote with a 4K?

    I'm currently looking at buying a P3 4K but it does not come with a remote. I know the Standard and the 4K use different remotes but... is it possible to use a Standard remote with a 4K Phantom?