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    S D card

    I was wondering what is the maximum size SD card you can put in a P4P+ Have a 16gb in there at the moment, but have just been given a 32gb. SanDiskUltra thanking you for any advice.
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    "New" Phantom Owner Australia

    Welcome fellow Aussie. I have a P4P+, absolutely love it, even though it is a bit bulky, but I cant fault it for video or photo work. I'm only using mine for recreational foto's.
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    A great fortress with an artistic glass roof/dome

    Thanks for sharing this great video.
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    Thanks for the compliment. The music is in a program, called. "Movavi Video Editor 14 Plus." Havent really used the editing side yet, but doesn't look too hard. There is a free trial version, but I got the paid version. few more bells & whistles, from what I can see, plus it doesn't have the...
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    Hi there, Those Sunflowers are in N/E, N.S.W Australia. The owner said he doesn't have any problems with birds eating them, so far. This is his second crop. He let me go to the middle of his field to get airborne, everyone else was taking foto's from the side of the road. I sent him s copy of...
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    Went for a drive & found these fields of fantastic sunflowers.
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    Willie E Coyote

    if you did that over here, you would have everyman & his Treehugger, squeeking about how wrong it was. But great video. Thanks for sharing.
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    Bald Eagle discovered during editing.

    Thanks for sharing. Gave some great ideas for a video.
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    HOW TO: Setup and use Point of Interest (POI)

    Thanking you for the info, have to get in the air, & try it out.
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    Ascending circles help please

    As a relative newby, How do you set up & use this POI thingy???? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Storm over the Panamint Mountains near Death Valley.

    Are these natural colors, or tweaked a bit???? (Looks great either way.)
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    You Tube

    I don't know if this has been asked before. I had a ferret through some of the threads & couldn't find anything. I was trying to upload a video, I took at Coraki the other day, to You Tube. Recorded in 1080, uploading off the SD card. It took over 5 hours to get it done. Is there a faster...
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    Coraki N/E, NSW Australia

    I didn't see those swallows, till I got home & put it on the puter.
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    Coraki N/E, NSW Australia

    Went to Coraki today, the river looked fantastic. Put the Drone up for a look about.