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    duo of phantom !

    First time with a other phantom .. lets play :)
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    Terrebonne, Québec !! Phantom time !!

    by a sunny day, i play with my phantom !! :)
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    props ajustement

    i try to configure DJI NAZAM Assistant software for 9047 carbon props. in my last topic i have got a good reply... i try , and try again... i decide to check in internet,I found someone who had adjusted like this : pitch-190 roll-190 yaw-150 vertical-150 att pitch-70 roll-70 i try its not to...
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    9047 prop adjustment

    Wow..thanks tanasit... Very clear anwser !
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    9047 prop adjustment

    Hi Somebody have some web link to help me to set the roll, picth, raw..... Of my phantom with news 9047 props ? Thanks ...